Get ready to experience Las Vegas in a way that goes way beyond the typical sights and sounds of what your parents and grandparents saw because having extreme fun in Sin City has never been easier!

Whether you are renting one of our Jet Skis, Paddleboards, Kayaks, or ATVs, we will arrange to have your Silverline Powersports vehicle or watercraft and accessory equipment delivered to and picked up from you.

Simply select View Details from one of the categories below, select your date(s) and rental options and your are just a couple of clicks away from being immersed in and having an amazing day of action-packed fun, surrounded by breathtaking scenery and untamed, adventurous terrain.

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When thinking of Las Vegas, Jet Skiing is probably the furthest thing from your mind. But now it will be the first thing you think of as you discover and escape to a different side of Las Vegas. Fly across the calm waters of Lake Mead on one of our high-performance jet skis! Easy and safe to operate for riders of all experience levels, this will surely be the highlight of any vacation and you’ll do it all with Silverline Powersports!

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Not far from Las Vegas lie many of Nevada’s most popular kayaking destinations just waiting to be explored by you and your friends. Each of these locations promise spectacular visuals and surprising accessibility, but the similarities stop there. Each of these unique waterways have their own characteristics. We at Silverline Powersports will point you in the right direction and suggest locations that speak to you best.

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Grab a paddleboard and experience the ultimate outdoor activity all year long. Whether you are seeking an adventure by paddling along rugged shorelines, or just looking for a relaxing exercise, explore Southern Nevada by water and see both wildlife and some unique desertscape. Paddleboarding in Southern Nevada is ideal for those who live in Las Vegas or are just visiting as the weather is perfect to take advantage of our easy rental options.

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For the adventure and thrill-seekers – get on your CFMOTO500 ATV and ride! The CFMOTO500 is a high-performance ATV that gives drivers the control and confidence to tackle almost any terrain. Some of the features riders can count on are:

  • Quick thumb control to switch between 2WD and 4WD, with a 4WD differential lock included
  • Double A-arm independent suspension
  • Electronic power steering
  • Heavy gauge steel tube storage racks
  • CVTech drive and driven clutches with engine brake

A lot of people would like to spend a day on the trails with their friends, but don’t have the equipment. Silverline Powersports offers the opportunity to do so with an affordable daily rate. If you’re an experienced ATV rider and are familiar with the trails Las Vegas and Southern Nevada have to offer, this is the ideal package for you!

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ATV Tours

All ATV Tours start Aug/Sept 2022
With four amazing tour packages to choose from, experience the excitement of conquering trails while commanding an ATV for the day. Receive lessons on important riding tips and safety practices to make sure you’ve got the fundamentals down. We won’t bore you with flat dirt paths that feel like you’re driving on the freeway. Your ATV experience will involve scaling mountainous terrain skillfully and carefully, with plenty of variations in the landscape along the way.

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Damage / Security Deposit Fees

All security deposits are due on the day of the rental when your equipment is delivered.

The security / damage deposit for the Jet Ski is based on the model being rented. The deposit for the Bombardier is $500. The deposit for the Yamaha is $500. The deposit for the Kawasaki is $500. Customers can expect their deposit to be returned after a thorough inspection of the Jet Ski has been conducted after use, and no damages are found. We also ask that customers return their Jet Ski rental with a full tank of gas.

The security / damage deposit for the Kayak or the Paddleboard is $100.00. Customers can expect their deposit to be returned after a thorough inspection of the watercraft has been conducted after use, and no damages are found.

The security / damage deposit for the CFMOTO 500 is $300.00. Customers can expect their deposit to be returned after a thorough inspection of the ATV has been conducted after use, and no damages are found. We also ask that customers return their ATV rental with a full tank of gas.

If damages are found to the Jet Ski, Kayak, Paddleboard or ATV that exceeds the amount of deposit, the deposit will not be returned and customers will be responsible for covering the remaining balance(s) to repair or replace any damaged parts or equipment..


Great place to purchase all of your off road products. – KYLER K.